Frequently Ask Questions:


Q: Do I have to pay FastSpeedways to list my race track on the site?
A: No. This service is free of charge for sanctioned speedways and race tracks owners.


Q: How can I list my speedway on the website?
A: Quite simply, use the Contact Us form and submit an email. Please provide the your name, phone number, email address and the track details you would like added to our database. We will verify the information and decide if/when it is added.


Q: Our speedway is already listed on the website, can we have some information updated?
A: Absolutely! Using the Contact Us form, send us the track link, the new track information and your full contact information.


Q: How long would it take for our speedway to be listed or updated on Fastspeedways.com?
A: Fast! We try to update existing track information within 1-3 business days. Adding new speedway may take a little longer due to large volume of information we process for the site.


Q: We would like to feature a specific video on our track listing, can this be done?
A: Yes. Use the Contact Us form and let us know the details. We only feature videos that are posted on YouTube, and meet our quality review criteria. This means, no bad language or “funny stuff”. We reserve the right to decide if a video feed is included on a track listing.

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